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Investment Services

In part, investment advice depends on the question asked. In part, it depends on the person whose advice you seek and who is seeking the advice. We try hard to advise with the best interest of the client in mind rather than if a fee or commission can be earned. Our advice is based on doing future transactions, not only the one under consideration. All good advice should begin with the concept that no one can predict the future with accuracy. Beyond that, a great deal of what we know for certain is wrong. By definition it is impossible to expect the unexpected.

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket", diversification is important in many of life's endeavors. From a financial standpoint all one's assets should not be in one stock, or in one building. Diversification can be in types of commercial property; retail, office, industrial or other. it can be geographically diverse within a state, an area of a country or part of the world. Diversification can include the size and number or type of tenants. The concept can embrace the level of rents. The manner in which a property is owned, for example as a partnership or as a sole proprietor is a form of diversification.

Our advice is predicated on our understanding of the client's long term and immediate goals as well as the level of knowledge and sophistication possessed. What level of risk is appropriate? Can the investor use all or part of the property for his own use or must he rely on the market to provide a tenant? Does the investor own other property or is this the first foray into commercial real estate? Is the objective to benefit this generation or is it really for grandchildren?

We think the best advice is often, simply, do no harm. Everyone should not be a commercial real estate owner. If there are not good reasons to own or to invest in something then perhaps it is better to walk away from a particular opportunity. Merely because a property is available or that one has the means and ability to buy something is an inadequate reason to go forward. In all likelihood another property, found as a result of a plan, will present itself.

Don't be in a hurry. Except in the case of a section 1031 exchange there are few time constraints that must be met. With planning a real estate exchange can be managed in a fashion to avoid the problems created by haste.